06 Nov

Success of the BTI DAY’17 days held in Spain

Last October 28 and November 4 BTI Biotechnology Institute held the BTI Day scientific conferences in Vitoria and Madrid respectively, bringing together more than 1,000 dental professionals.

BTI Day 2017

Under the slogan “Innovation for you, solutions for your patients”, the BTI Day recently held have presented the latest developments in implantology and regenerative medicine developed by the BTI R & D team led by Dr. Eduardo Anitua.

In addition to addressing a wide variety of topics, such as the latest advances in surgery and prostheses for the treatment of various pathologies such as the atrophic maxilla or anhidrotic ectodermal dysplasia; the presentation of Dr. Anitua’s last book, entitled “Short implants”, dedicated exclusively to these implants, and in which all the necessary subjects for its use in daily clinical practice have been addressed.

BTI Day 2017

Special mention deserves the presentation of the international seal “Clean Implant” obtained by the BTI’s UnicCa® implants system of BTI, awarded by the Clean Implant Foundation, which accredits it as a system of high quality implants and full reliability.

Finally, one of the most relevant events of the conference was the presentation of Endoret® Gel, a new product within therapeutic applications with plasma rich in growth factors, which is based on the gelling of autologous plasma proteins, giving rise to a three-dimensional formulation that maintains the volume (can be used as a filler for the reduction of wrinkles), while having a bioactive regenerative effect on the skin.

BTI Day 2017

In these two BTI Days, in addition to the scientific topics, have had other content, such as the conference “The positive power of change” taught by José Luis Izquierdo “Mago More”, or a broadcasting of the Mars Gaming Northabout Expedition to the Arctic (co-sponsored by BTI), where topics of oral and general health of the Inuit communities of Greenland and Canada are shown.

After the days celebrated in Vitoria and Madrid, the BTI Days will move to different destinations around the world, from several European capitals such as London, Frankfurt and Lisbon, to places like the United States, Japan, France, Romania, Ukraine or Croatia.

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